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Order a Magnesium+ filter now
and get a thermo bottle in the colour of your choice for free! *



* Promotion is valid from 01.08.2020 until 30.09.2020. It cannot be combined with other promotions.

Please place the GROHE Blue Magnesium filter (40691001) and one of the GROHE Blue thermo drinking bottles (40848GN0, 40848DL0, 40848AL0) into you shopping basket. The price reduction will be granted automatically. Only valid to the Webshop of GROHE UK Limited. Terms and Conditions apply.



GROHE Blue Magnesium+ filter
extra vitality for you


Perfectly pure and refreshing water guaranteed – that's the beauty of GROHE Blue and the GROHE Blue Magnesium+ filter, which also enhances the water with up to 35mg/l of magnesium, a vital health-boosting and stress-busting mineral – so it's good for everyone. The smart five-phase filter, which has a capacity of about 400 litres, removes all unwanted materials and impurities.



What does the filter do?

Why is this filtration important?


Magnesium improves aroma of water, tea and coffee.

Increases personal vitality.

  + PERFECT TASTE Activated carbon filtration removes all unpleasant taste and odor.
  - LIMESCALE Limescale reduces the lifetime of hot water kitchen appliances.
  - HEAVY METALS Heavy metals (e.g. lead and copper from old pipings).
  - PARTICLES Rough particles (e.g. sand and dirt).
The filter protects drinking water systems and increases durability.
  - CHLORINE Chlorine is an unpleasant substance that has negative impact on water's natural pure taste.